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5:30 am Successful Farming
5:32 am RFD Illinois Radio Program
6:30 am AG News
6:32 am AG Feature
7:50 am AG Update
7:53 am AG Weather
9:50 am Commodity Price Trends
10:50 am RFD Market Update
11:30 am Late Morning Cash Grain Report
11:50 am AG Weather
12:15 pm AG News
12:29 pm Midday Market Report
12:40 pm AG News
1:15 pm Ag News
1:28 pm AG News
1:49 pm RFD Update
4:50 pm Closing Cash Grain Report
5:49 pm Closing Market Prices
5:51 pm RFD Update

RFD Illinois

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 6:00 am

RFD Illinois

RFD philosophy? Simple. We don't tell farmers how to farm. We give them the information they need to make decisions. RFD Radio Network sees farming as a business, and so we focus on three areas: agricultural news, markets and weather. These are vital to helping farmers make their critical business decisions.

RFD Radio Network's in-depth coverage includes agri-news, national and international news, issues and trends that affect farmers. It's thorough and hard-hitting, yet still listener-friendly.

Throughout the day RFD Radio Network provides a total market outlook, complete with opening and closing summaries. In addition, the network features the highly credible analysis of the AgriVisor market analysts. RFD Radio Network also provides up-to-the-minute commodity market reports, highlighting prices at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Mercantile Exchange.

Complete weather coverage is critical to farmer-listeners, and the RFD Radio Network staff knows it. That's why we feature numerous weather programs throughout the day, from state-specific weather forecasts throughout the day to agricultural weather programs on a regular basis. Our weather is thorough, yet concice -- and provided by some of the top agricultural meteorologists in the industry.

This all adds up to make the RFD Radio Network the most listened to source for farm and rural information in the state of Illinois.

RFD Radio Network is your source for news and information in rural Illinois!

If you need additional assistance, contact the RFD Radio Network at 309-557-3163. 

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