WKAN Ag Programming

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5:30 am Successful Farming
5:32 am RFD Illinois Radio Program
6:30 am AG News
6:32 am AG Feature
7:50 am AG Update
7:53 am AG Weather
9:50 am Commodity Price Trends
10:50 am RFD Market Update
11:30 am Late Morning Cash Grain Report
11:50 am AG Weather
12:15 pm AG News
12:29 pm Midday Market Report
12:40 pm AG News
1:15 pm Ag News
1:28 pm AG News
1:49 pm RFD Update
4:50 pm Closing Cash Grain Report
5:49 pm Closing Market Prices
5:51 pm RFD Update

Somewhere In Time w/ Art Bell

Saturday 8:00 pm - 12:00 am


Somewhere In Time w/Art Bell

Saturday's from 8p.m-12 a.m


Coast to Coast AM continues to be America’s most listened to evening and overnight talk radio program. From crop circles to the illuminate, this is late night talk that draws huge ratings for its affiliates. Maximizing your evening and overnight ratings and revenue has never been easier.

After retiring from regular appearances on Coast to Coast AM in July, 2007, Art Bell continues his association with the program he created and made famous. In addition to guest hosting for George Noory, Art will continue to do his famous Ghost to Ghost show on Halloween, the annual New Year’s Eve Prediction Show and “Somewhere In Time,” which represents the best in classic Art Bell shows and airs every Saturday from 6pm – 10pm Pacific time.



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