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Driver seen smashing into parked cars in video; police search for suspect

Ohio police are searching for a driver who was captured on video crashing into several cars on Sunday.

Widow of murdered California camper files $90 million lawsuit: report

A California woman, whose husband was fatally shot last year while he was camping with their two daughters at Malibu Creek State Park, filed a $90 million lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the state for what she alleges was their failure to warn the public about a string of shootings in and around the area before her husband’s death, according to a report. 

Family member ID's brother, sister who died while trapped in freezer: report

Two of three young children who died after accidentally trapping themselves inside a freezer while playing outside were identified Tuesday.

Drunken Eagles fan, upset over playoff loss, attacked girlfriend, stuck dog in microwave, police say

A hotel getaway turned sour last weekend when a Philadelphia Eagles fan, furious over the team’s 20-14 playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints, attacked her girlfriend and put the girlfriend’s dog inside a microwave oven, according to police.

Illegal immigrant found not guilty in Kate Steinle’s killing wants gun conviction dropped

The undocumented immigrant who was found not guilty in November 2017 for the 2015 fatal shooting of a woman on the San Francisco pier, but convicted for illegally possessing a weapon, has appealed the conviction, arguing that he had obtained and fired the gun by accident and “momentary possession” of a gun is not a crime.  

Murder victim's family awarded nearly $500M in wrongful death case

A jury on Tuesday awarded more than $495 million in damages to the family of a 20-year-old Florida woman who was murdered in 2011.

Security camera captured image of deceased son's spirit, Atlanta mother says

A grieving Atlanta mother said a spirit that looked like her deceased son was captured in her home's security camera, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Good Samaritan has truck stolen by crash victim he was trying to help, police say

A Good Samaritan in Volusia County, Fla., jumped into action late Monday to help the victims of a fiery highway crash – but was punished for his good deed when one of the victims stole his truck and sped away, authorities said.

Maryland coast rattled by 4.7-magnitude earthquake: USGS

A 4.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Maryland Tuesday evening, officials said.

Florida woman allegedly killed by son-in-law who ‘blamed’ her for marriage problems: authorities

A Florida woman, who was fatally shot on Monday, was “blamed” by her son-in-law for problems in his marriage, according to authorities.

Texas mother missing after watching movie at co-worker's home, police say

Police in Texas are searching for a mother who they say disappeared earlier this month after leaving a co-worker's house in Ennis.

Kansas man sues for refund of church school donation after founder arrested for allegedly touching children: report

A man who donated a hefty sum to a church school in Kansas is suing to get his money back after one of its founders was charged for allegedly touching children.

Texas woman fatally shoots boyfriend while posing for Snapchat photo, police say

A Texas woman was arrested this week after police say she allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend last month while posing for a Snapchat.

‘El Chapo’ paid former Mexican president $100M bribe, court witness claims

A court witness in the ongoing trial of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman testified Tuesday that former Mexican Enrique Peña Nieto was allegedly paid a multi-million bribe by the cartel boss.

Ground Zero art exhibit featuring Saudi flag to be removed from site, officials say

An art exhibit near the World Trade Center in New York will be removed after it received backlash for the inclusion of the Saudi Arabian flag near the 9/11 memorial site.

Texas man detained by ICE accidentally released by police; local officials can’t re-arrest him

A Texas inmate was unintentionally released Tuesday – despite being held on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

Three children in Florida die after locking themselves inside freezer: police

Three children in Live Oak, Fla., died Sunday after they accidentally trapped themselves in a freezer while playing outside, the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday.

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