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Alex Murdaugh claims he learned about alleged jury tampering after sentencing

Murdaugh insisted in an affidavit filed Thursday that he first learned of allegations that court clerk Rebecca Hill tried to sway jurors toward a guilty verdict after he was sentenced.

Blue city eyes massive surveillance program as homicides, violent crime surge

With violent crime in the nation's capital up nearly 40% year-over-year, the head of D.C.'s police department met with NYPD to learn about its massive surveillance program.

Seven pieces of Nazi-looted art returned to family of Holocaust victim

The family of Fritz Gr├╝nbaum, an Austrian-Jewish cabaret performer whose art collection was stolen by the Nazi regime, was given back seven pieces that were taken in 1938.

Irate Penn 'student' trashes Jewish center as controversial pro-Palestinian event shakes campus

The University of Pennsylvania's Hillel chapter was reportedly vandalized when a suspect flipped a table and yelled antisemitic remarks Thursday, according to the Jewish group.

Hundreds of minks on the loose in Pennsylvania after massive fur farm release

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating after at least hundreds of minks were released after someone cut holes in the fence of a fur farm in Rockefeller Township.

SC sees tight race in Dem primary for state Senate seat; leader ahead by 11 votes

Deon Tedder, a Democratic candidate for a vacant South Carolina Senate seat, is currently leading in his party's primary election by a margin of 11 votes.