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Pennsylvania priest accused of stealing nearly $100G from parish for beach house, lovers

A Pennsylvania priest allegedly stole nearly $100,000 from his parish and spent the loot on a beach house and sexual relationships with adult men.

Man in NYC killed when elevator drops, crushes him between shaft and wall: report

A man reportedly died in New York City on Thursday when an apartment building's elevator suddenly dropped, crushing him inside.

‘I-95 killer’ who targeted gay men along busy corridor set to die Thursday

A mass murderer known as the “I-95 killer,” who spent the majority of 1994 targeting gay men -- including a Navy World War II veteran -- along the busy travel corridor, is set to be executed in Florida later Thursday.

Ohio cop attempted kidnapping girl, 12, waiting for bus and filmed himself urinating on her: police

Prosecutors say it's their mission to make sure an Ohio cop "never wears the badge of a police officer again" after the 34-year-old was arrested Tuesday on accusations he tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl at a school bus stop — and then filmed himself urinating on her.

Jeffrey Epstein's former ex-cop cellmate at NYC lockup must have better living conditions, judge rules

Descriptions of "decrepit," rat-infested cells at a Manhattan federal lockup that emerged this month amid the investigation into accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's suicide prompted a judge on Wednesday to order improved conditions for at least one alleged criminal, who had shared a cell with Epstein and later said he feared reprisals for speaking out about the "inhumane" conditions.

Seattle residents blame inefficient elected officials for homeless problem, say they've 'lost faith' in system

The richest man in America calls Seattle home. So do thousands of others who spend their days wandering the streets glassy-eyed and dirty. Some are on drugs. Others display clear signs of mental illness. At night, Seattle's homeless sleep wherever they can: in tents tucked away on side streets, in parks and under highway overpasses.