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Ohio FedEx delivery man fixes stars and stripes pillows after dropping off package

An Ohio FedEx delivery man who flipped a set of stars and stripes pillows is being hailed a patriot.

Soldier who amputated leg to save tank crew: 'It's the best thing that's ever happened to me'

It's not often you hear someone who lost their leg say it's the best thing to ever happen to them. But that's how Army Spec. Ezra Maes feels today.

Oregon high school football coach disarms and hugs student carrying loaded shotgun

Keanon Lowe, the football, track coach and security guard for Parkrose High School disarmed and embraced a student who had walked into school with a loaded shotgun on May 17.

New arrest for California woman who livestreamed drunk driving crash that killed sister

California cops have announced the arrest of a 20-year-old woman who earned notoriety after killing her younger sister in drunk-driving crash that she was livestreaming at the time on social media.

Ohio town splits building in two over property dispute

An Ohio town chose a Solomon-like solution to a property dispute by splitting a new storage building in half.

Two suspects charged in largest seizure of turtles in recent history, FWC says

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has charged two suspects for poaching thousands of native turtles in Florida in what agency says is the largest seizure of turtles in recent history.